Yes, I Met The Chicken And It Crossed The Road - And Learned Something!

I saw a question in myLot: Why did the chicken cross the road? This was my answer, and this is a longer version.
This story can be taken as a plain fairytale. But it could also be interpreted just the way you like. You my friend are creating the meaning of this story in your own mind.

What I am about to reveal, must stay between us, since this is very confidencial. I met the chicken the other day.

So I asked her, why are you in such a hurry to cross to the other side? Aren´t you happy here?
- Yes,

I am, but I know that there, on the other side is someone who is so friendly, nice and lovable, that I just have to go there and meet him.

- So it is a he? when I asked that question the chicken blushed, and looked very cute..
Then I looked at the chicken very carefully in her eyes and recognized this typical disease that can affect chickens, and that is so difficult to handle for a little chicken brain. A typical L.O.V.E. syndrom!
Oh, nooo, I thought, not you too! So I said, look, can you see all the other chickens who are crossing the road and many of them want to cross the road just to see that someone who is so nice and kind and everything you dream of.
He might be fed up with all the chickens running after him.
The chicken thought for a while.
- Yeah, you may be right, she said , and I understood that she was not completely incurable.
- So why don´t you just go over there and be a friend and learn to know him, and then you will see what happens?
- OK, I will do that. I am a sensible chicken. But now I just have to cross the road - who knows what I meet on the other side, but I am prepared to take the risk. The chicken was jumping up and down - she was in real hurry!
- Off you go - I wished the chicken a happy and safe road crossing.
I haven´t heard of her since, but I have a feeling that she will have a happy life there, for after all, she is a very

sensible chicken.


Update six months later: I met the chicken again. She looked very happy and greeted me with a big smile. Yes, chickens can smile.. I asked: Well, What happened on the other side of the road?

- Well, I met him and he was just as great as I had imagined, but we seem to think a bit differently in some things and that was OK for me. So we agreed to be just friends for ever.

- That sounds good. Were you disappointed?

- Yes, maybe a little. I saw a couple of tears falling from her eyes. But I was only disappointed for losing a dream picture that actually didn´t exist.

Well, I said. You found the real person, and a real friend. That is worth more than all gold in the world! And the more you will learn to know each other, the better friends you will become!

- That was the best part of the whole road crossing. A friendship lasts forever. But I will have to run, just got a message from him and I have to write back.

- OK, bye,bye and take care.

- Wow, I thought, can chickens write? Wouldn´t surprise me if they can fly too. Oops - of course they can - what else would they use their wings for?

Maybe this is not the whole scientific explanation about chickens crossing roads. But as I read the question "Why did the chicken cross the road?", I answered it in my way and had some fun at the same time. I hope my readers have a bit of fun too!

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