Wonderful Chocolate - Raw Food - Easy Recipe

This is a very easy recipe, but the result is delicious. I have used only organic ingredients. Not everybody knows how healthy coconut oil is - it is a saturated fat but people who live in places where the coconut palms grow, and eat a lot of its products, have very little heart problems.

I have invented this recipe myself, but maybe someone else has done it too as it is so easy.

It has only three ingredients and should not be heated.

You need a bowl and a spoon to stir with.

The ingredients should have room temperature.

You need 1 cup cold pressed

organic Coconut oil 

3 - 4 tablespoons of organic cocoa powder

2 - 3 tablespoons organic cane raw sugar or organic honey

You can take more or less of the cocoa powder and sweetener if you prefer that, but remember that honey is very sweet.

Stir everything in the bowl and use a teaspoon or maybe two teaspoons, to take small amounts and put on a plate or into a plastic

container with a cover. A flat and low container is good for this and you can use several smaller or a big one, whichever you prefer.

The chocaltes can be the size of pralines so that one can take one of two as a great treat.

Put the chocolates into a refrigerator and store them there, and they will get the right consistence.

You can take the pralins out a little while into room temperature so that you can unfasten them from the container.


The benefits of coconut oil have been mentioned in many health newsletters.

The rest is my personal inspiration.



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    One can add a little, less than teaspoon of real, organic vanilla - tastes ;

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