Why Should We Never Lie To Children?

One of my friends has seven children. One day we talked about how important it is to tell the kids the truth.

She told this story of her youngest son. This little boy - let us call him John - grew up with a very friendly dog called Musti.

The dog was with him when he learned to walk and when he was about to lose the balance, Musti was there to support him and watch that he wouldn´t fall.

If there was a problem outdoors, he went to the boy´s mother and showed her that something was wrong, and she would have

to follow and see to that the boy was OK.

One can understand that little John and the dog loved each other very much.

When John had grown a little and already could talk, something really sad happened. There was someone putting out traps to catch some kind of animals in the neighborhood, and Musti was caught in one of the traps.

He was so badly hurt, that he had to be put to death. But how would the adults tell little John what had happened? These situations are really difficult for anyone - how can one explain such a thing for a little child?

In a case like this, the adults may lie to the child. Actually one did. His oldest brother who must have been around 20 that time, explained to John that God had taken Musti to heaven.

John was really upset. He had picked up some ugly words from

the older people around him, and used the worst of them, that isn´t suitable to print. And he used this word to describe God who had taken his Musti away!

Little John´s mother was a wise woman. She knew that it is important to tell the truth. So she explained that God had not taken Musti. He was dead and had been buried.

She also promised him that they would get a new Musti, one who looked just like the old Musti. Then they went to see the dog´s grave.

John calmed down and accepted the truth. He was no longer angry to God for what had happened. His brother also got a good lesson about telling the truth.

Now that John is an adult, he has still a wonderful relationship with his mother. He knows that he can always trust her.

What can we learn from this? Children grow up and remember how they were treated when they were small. Don´t we all appreciate the ones who told us the truth when we were kids, and still respect them?

"...I am telling the truth, I am not lying..." Apostle Paul - 1Timothy 2:7 (New International Version, ©2010)

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