When He Got Tulips, He Used To Eat Them! Yes, He Was Vegetarian!!:) (part 1)

This is what a relative of Johan Venninen told us. When it was winter and there were not so much greens to eat, he used to eat the tulips that his relatives had bought for his birthday.

Johan was about 90 when he showed in a documentary how he prepared his food to keep healthy. It was summer and he went out in his yard and picked some green leaves.

It was dandelions and nettles and leaves from mountain ash and maybe other green leaves too.

This man was completely blind since an accident in 1940s, but when he was asked

how he knew the leaves were edible, ha said that he could taste that. 

Somone asked: Don't dandelions taste bad? No, he said, they don't taste bad.

He then showed how he prepared the greens - He used scissors to cut them in smaller pieces and put them into a mixer. He mixed them a bit. Then he put in a couple of bananas and mixed them together with the leaves to a kind of smoothie. 

He told that he could eat three times from a full mixing pitcher. This tastes good, he said, when he tested a couple of spoons of the smoothie. Then he asked: Do you want to taste?

He had been a masseur for many years and when he was treating an athlete, he found out that his muscles were in unusually good shape even though he

was not so young. The athlete was vegetarian, and he inspired Johan to start to eat vegetarian food too.

Johan says that one has to be consistent when one is vegetarian to get the benefits from the food.

This man continued to work almost until he died. When he was about 90, he said that he had not needed to go to a doctor for other reason than his eyes. It seems that the positive view of life helped him to stay in such a good shape. He liked to help others and enjoyed doing it.

There are some documentaries in Finnish, but you can enjoy seeing him work with things and using tools that he has constructed. Many who can see, could not invent tools like that.

Johan was never bitter. He really teaches us a good lesson how to appreciate and use the resources we have and see the positive sides of life.

This documentary was shown after his death in 2008. He became 99 years old.

http://yle.fi/elavaarkisto/artikkelit/johan_on_venninen_20788.html#media=20807 http://expertscolumn.com/content/he-was-totally-blind-still-could-seepart-2

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