What A Thief Learned Lying Under A Bed

A thief had broken into a home. He was in a sleeping room.
Suddenly he heard someone approaching. Where would he hide?

There was a bed in the room, so he crept under the bed.

Two persons came in and didn´t notice anything special. It was a mother and her child.

The child - let´s assume it was a girl - was about to go to bed. But before she went to sleep, the mother read for her. It was some verses from the Bible.

If I remember right, it was a verse about stealing. It said that the one who had stolen, should

not steal any more, but rather work so that he would have something to give to others in need.

We remember that the thief was listening under the bed.

After a while, the child fell a sleep and the mother left the room.

When the coast was clear, the thief crawled out. He saw the Bible lying on the table. So he took it with him and went out, probably the same way he had come in.


Some time passed. The mother was on a Christian assembly. Suddenly she was approached by a man. He was holding a Bible in his hand. He wanted to give it to her.

He explained that he

had stolen her Bible, and wanted to give it back.

He wondered if she could guess, where he first had got interested in the Holy Scriptures. Of course she didn´t have a clue.

So he explained that it was lying under their bed listening, when she read to her child. And now, that he had learned to believe and respect the Bible, he wanted to give back what was hers.

The Bible was the last thing he had stolen.

So this ex thief had learned a good lesson lying there under the bed and later experienced and changed his life due to the power of God´s word. Its influence in the human heart is described in Hebrews chapter 4:12

Would you too like to be influenced by this wonderful power? Then read the Holy Bible every day and pray for God´s guidance so that you can make His words of wisdom a powerful force in your life.

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