Cutest Scottish Fold Kitten - See The Video - Adorable!!

Some of us may think that Scottish Fold is the absoluteley cutest cat we know. There are probably many opinions about this, but it has a very special appearance that makes it different - the folded ears and the rounded face and big round eyes.

Why not go to your favorite search engine and make a search with the words "Scottish fold" or "scottish fold kittens"? Or go to Vikipedia or another place and find some info.

The origin of this cat is a white barn cat named Susie, found in Scotland in 1961.

Susies ears were folded and she resembled an owl.


geneticist and a cat-fancier started to breed these cats - it seems that, due to a dominant gene, if one parent has straight ears and the other has folded ears, the kittens will be Folds. All Scottish Folds have the same ancestor, Susie!

All Folds are born with straight ears, and not until about 21 days after birth, the special folded ears will start to show.

These cats can have short or long hair and many different colors or combinations of colors. They are very social, adjust to other pets easily

and are also very affectionate, playful and intelligent.

They are different from many other cat breeds as they sleep on their back, can sit with their legs stretched out while having their paws on the belly.

There is a lot more info if you make a search online. If you want to buy a Scottish Fold kitten, do research to learn and know this special breed. Cats should be well taken care of and they may live many years. If you travel and leave the cat home, they need someone to look after them so that they feel safe and loved.

If you take good care of your cat, you will have a wonderful friend during many years to come.

Watch this - the cutest video of a Scottish Fold kitten. For cat friends, why not read about the Norwegian Forest Cat?

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