Strange Animal - Can Fly, Sleeps Upside Down And Drinks Milk.

I read about this strange animal and started doing research and found a lot of interesting facts. I think you will find this short article interesting. There is no end on the wonders we find on this planet Earth.

I am talking about Bats - the only mammal that really can fly. There are over a thousand kinds of bats around the world.

The smallest is 29 - 34 mm or 1.14 - 1.34 in and the largest is up to 343 mm (13.5 in) with a wing span of 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in).

Most bats are insect eaters, some are

fruit eaters and a few eat fish or are vampires (the only mammal parasite).

Bats have an important role in pollinating flowers and dispersing fruit seeds. Bats are the only distributors of some tropical fruit seeds.

The insect eating bats are acrobats of the air and can find an insect in the dark night as

they send audio signals that bounce against the insects. One bat can catch hundreds of insects in one night.

Newborn bat babies drink milk from their mother for a few weeks, but after that they have to hunt on their own.

Bats survive the winter hanging upside down - some of them in the attics of old houses or even in special bat houses built to attract bats. Their body temperature can without problems go down to +2 C

Here are some myths about bats we can dispel:

More info - the Northern Bat -

This strange animal is again a proof of that this earth with so many kinds of creatures has a very wise Creator.

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  • joeldgreat  22-12-2013
    Some facts I've research about bats: One of the largest species of bat is the flying fox with a wing span of over five feet. Bats are leftist; they always turn left when they leave their caves. The little brown bat is one of the smallest species of bat, but it can catch about 1,200 mosquito sized in one hour.
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