Some Ways To Earn On Expertscolumn And Other Writing Sites

There are many ways to earn from your published articles, here are some that I use.

First of all, you will need a good headline to your article.

It should capture the interest by making the readers curious or promise to fill a need that the they may have.

At the same time the headline will help you to grab the attention of others who have the same interests as you.

Make your articles easy to read. Not a lot of words that scare away those who have too little time for long articles.

Use the space between the short paragraphs to your advantage. It

is much easier to read an article with spaces than one without. Your reader will most likely read the whole article if it is free from clutter.

If you promote your site, you may need a splash page. As you know, Adsense sites cannot be promoted in traffic exchanges. If you use them, you will need a splash page.

A splash page of good quality has no other than your own ad and a link that will open a new window, so that it is easy to

read your site without interrupting any advertising program.

Manual traffic exchanges work good, but I have often used auto surf programs and they can be great too.

Then send your articles to your friends in the social sites you are member of. You probably know your friends well and also their interests, so choose wisely and don´t send too many invitations to read. You don´t want to wear down your friends, do you?

If you would like more info about making splash pages or something else, I will be happy to help you. Send me a message and we´ll see what I can do for you.

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