Some Ways To Avoid Lactose Intolerance

So many suffer of lactoce intolerance. Many of them can drink milk that comes naturally from the cow without any kind of processing. But this kind of milk or sour milk is not available everywhere, even if it has become more popular lately.

I have tried the following when I have digestion problems and it has helped me and lots of other people.

It is Lactic Acid Bacteria. A great gift for a healthy body!

Lactic Acid Bacteria? We find them for example in sauerkraut and sour milk products, but as the gastric acid in our stomach destroys most of the good bacteria

taken in our food, I use a special capsule with 5 of the most important bacterias.

The capsule melts when reacting with the gastric acid and builds a gel around the bacteria and in this way they are protected until they come to the duodenum and further on to the small intestine and colon where they are released.

All five kinds of bacteria have their own place and they find them without problems. The first lives in duodenum, the second in the small intestine and the three others have their special place in the colon.

These bacteria are created to work with our digestive system so we get them as babies from our mother´s milk. For some reason - sometimes wrong kind of food - the good bacteria may

be destroyed and we have to restore them now and then to keep the right balance.

If we have taken antibiotics, it is especially important to restore the good bacteria after the cure.

To give even more effective treatment to our digestive system, we can also take Aloe Vera drink, Calcium and Magnesium preferably with Vitamin D.

These products are available on the market, and if you want to get more info, welcome to send me a message. You can also go to and read about Acidophilus Plus - it has five of the most common bacteria we need.

When we have the right balance in our digestive system, we can often start tolerating milk products better if we want to eat them.

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