Smart Kids..

Joke from Sweden??

This is a story I heard in northern Sweden, I hope you appriciate their sense of humor!

A teacher wanted to have some fun with his students by giving them an impossible task.

When they had a maths lesson, he said

It is -20C outside, and we live 1100 kilometers from Stockholm. Can you from this information calculate how old I am?

The kids looked very confused, as this was really impossible to figure out.

The teacher had a difficult time to not laugh out loud.

Then one of the boys raised his hand: Sir, you

must be 52 years old!

The teacher was very surprised: How on earth could you think that out? You are right, I am 52!

Well...said the boy, that was rather easy, as we have a farmhand who is 26, and he is half crazy!



Sometimes children can be really smart, as the following story shows:

One day in a classroom, the teacher asked the children if they could tell about any miracle.

A little girl, who had learned about the miracles in Exodus, raised her hand.

She said that it was a miracle when Moses and the Israelites went through the sea after God had divided the waters and they could walk to the other side on dry ground.

No, said the teacher. That was no miracle as the water was only 8 centimeters (about 3 inches) deep.

So the

teacher continued to ask, if anyone knew about a miracle.

The same little girl raised her hand and said:

It must then have been a miracle when all the Egyptians drowned in 8 centimeters deep water!

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