A Penguin As A Pet!!

Why don´t we have penguings as pets?

I think they are cute and as a friend put it - they always look like they are on their way to a serious event..

Maybe you can answer the following question:

Why don´t the ice bears eat penguins?

Ok, if you are still scratching your head, the answer is very simple. The ice bears live near the North Pole and the penguins live on the opposite side, near the South Pole.. Kind of long way between the both..!:D

Here is another penguing joke:

Two friends meet in a park.

One of them is walking around with a penguin..

A: Hello, how are you doing?

B: I´m OK, I hope you are too. But where on earth did you find that penguin?

A: He just was there, and since we met a few hours ago, he keeps following me everywhere.

B: Well, I don´t think he should walk around in a city, why don´t you take him to the zoo?

A: That could be a good idea. He would maybe like to meet other penguins there. I think I will do that, thanks for your advice.

B: You are welcome, see you around, bye!

The friends meet again the next day. A is still walking around with the penguin.

B: But dear friend, are you still walking with that penguin. Didn´t you

take him to the zoo?

A: Oh, yes, I did.. He enjoyed it very much and had a lot of fun with the other penguins, and today we have planned to go and see a movie. Afterwards we´ll go to a good fish restaurant!!

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