Norwegian Forest Cat

As long as I can remember I have loved cats. They are soft and friendly and if we treat them with respect and take good care of them and love them, we will be richly rewarded and loved back.

I will tell you about one of my favorite cat breeds, the Norwegian Forest Cat.

The Norwegian Forest Cat originates from - Norway. This cat is ideal for harsh climate, like the climate we have in Northern Scandinavia. The breed is very popular here. Its beautiful fur coat is water proof, and very fluffy and soft.

I have always thought that cats don´t like

water, and the latest one I had, I guess he was an European Short hair, once had to be washed and he didn´t like it at all.

But the Norwegian Forest Cat likes water! It can catch fish in lakes and streams!

The kittens are so adorable. The female Norwegian Forest Cats are good mothers. Their babies eat and sleep most of the time during the first weeks. At the age of two weeks their eyes have opened and they are blue at first. Then they can

change to green or gold

I found a great site where you can follow the growth of a litter of kittens from birth. (see below)

What more can be said about this wonderful cat? It is very friendly and social, loves children, and doesn´t like to be left alone for long periods.

Cats are great gifts from our loving Creator who wants us to live a happy life in a future paradise where all human beings are friends with the animals.

Here is a poem I wrote about the time when we can enjoy our friendship with all kinds of animals without needing to fear any of them. Another cat that you might like to read about - Scottish Fold:

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