Need A Good Laugh?

Why Not Buy a Goat?

That´s what my friend asked me.

Friend: Why don´t you buy a goat? - You could milk her every day and you could even have a goat family with some cute kids for pets.

That would be some good company and they eat almost anything..

Me: I don´t know.. I like goats, but where would I put them? I can´t have a goat farm in a town..

Friend: You could have them indoors in your living room. I´ll tell you what, I´m going to buy some goats and have them in my living room.

Me: Well - go ahead, that´s OK

for me. But I have one question:

What about the smell??

Friend: Oh, don´t worry, goats are not so persnickety, they will soon get used to it!!


The Chicken Farmer

Why not make a little test while you read this joke: Check the clock when you have stopped reading, and see how long it takes before you laugh!

Once upon a time there was a chicken farmer who wanted

to have some fun with the chickens.

He went to his children, who were painting eggs, and told them that he would borrow some. He chose a few with very bright colors.

He took them to the place where the hen nests were. When the chickens didn´t see it, he placed an egg with bright colors in some of the nests.

He was of course wondering how the chickens would react so he kept watching them from his kitchen window.

What did he see?? -

After a while, he saw the rooster and he was chasing the parrot...

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