Mount Etnas Spectacular Show With Fountains Of Lava

One of nature´s most powerful shows was seen in July 2011. Many of us remember seeing the pictures in TV or on Internet.

Yes, it is very spectacular and beautiful but so destructive at the same time. Many who see this kind of phenomenon would never want to live near an active volcano!

It would definitely be safer to look at it from a big distance, and even better see it on a computer screen!

About a week earlier another volcano in Indonesia erupted and ashes, sand and stones flew up 1500 meter.

Thousands were evacuated.

This is only a scratch on the

surface of trying to understand the enormous power of our Creator!

Sometimes people are not aware of the danger. Somehow they just continue with their everyday life and don´t want to be interrupted. If we live near a danger, we might get so used to it that we don´t understand how important it is to react and leave the place immidiately when it is necessary.

We might need to make an emergency plan for events like this,

and also other emergencies. Why not plan for what could happen in your area, even if everything looks calm at the moment.

Take a look at the eruption of Mount Etna! It is incredible how thin the crust of the Planet Earth is!

In some places the hot inside of the earth comes through and at that time it is safer to be a long way from that place.

Etna was spewing lava 200 - 250 meter high.

These news pictures were from July 2011

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