In Memory Of The Oldest Survivor From Ww2 Concentration Camps

Leopold Engleitner lived till age 108. He was born in 1905 and died in April 21 2013. 

When Hitler occupied Austria in 1938, he also started persecuting those who did not follow the Nazi ideologies and Leopold, who had been studying the Bible, understood that he, as a Christian, could not take part in any war. He wanted to stay neutral in national conflicts. 

Leopold was arrested by Gestapo and was sent to prison. He had to stay in three different concentration camps during some years. He was offered to be free if he signed a paper where he would leave his

religion, but he refused to do that.

Then he was offered to be released and become a slave worker in a farm, and he accepted that. 

Only three weeks before the war ended, he was enlisted in the German army, and he decided to flee into the mountains. 

He hid there in an alpin cabin and in a cave to avoid those who were hunting him. It was a hard time, as he was completely soaked when it rained and the water dripped into the cave.

After the end of the war, he was still a slave laborer until 1946 when he was finally released.

Also after the war had ended, Leopold still faced isolation and intolerance.

But he became known by a larger public after an

author and film producer wrote a book and made a documentary about him.

Together with the film producer, he held lectures at schools, memorials and universities. 

He told his experiences in US, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

In US, he made three tours and lectured in in universities, Holocaust museums and many other places.  

Leopold - the former prisoner and refugee, has also got many recognitions - even by Germany and Austria.

Two songwriters have written a song for him, "The Unbroken Will" and it is available at

Leopold is only one of the thousands upon thousands who suffered because they did not want to kill their fellow human beings. He believed in resurrection for the dead, just like many true Christians who lost their lives in concentration camps and prisons. We are hoping to see you all soon, our faithful friends.

This documentary is well worth to see, it takes about 30 minutes. 

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