Look For New Doors

Sometimes we have big changes in our life. It takes some time to accept the situation and start looking for new possibilities.

None of us can avoid disappointments or negative and even traumatic experiences. There are many ways to recover.

If we believe in God, we will have a great source of help there. He will listen to us if we ask for help and as He knows what is best for us, we sometimes may get an answer that we don´t expect, but it will really help us in the end.

The Bible says that we should keep

on praying and that is a way to show God that we really want His help.

Many times tears can be our best friend. See them as a gift that our Creator has given us for handling stress and sorrow. Be sure that God sees your tears and can help you if you talk to Him and trust Him.

Don´t isolate yourself too long, you need to meet others and get new contacts and friends. If you find others who are in need of help, you will recover faster when you concentrate in doing something for others.

Do something creative. It may be a hobby like photography, poetry, painting or if you like to do some craft, just start somewhere, maybe just a little at a time but you will feel a lot better after a while. You can join some course that is available in your area or meet some friends who like the same hobby.

Many times, listening to your friends when they talk about their problems, makes you both feel better. You don´t need to be an expert in psychology. Showing empathy and compassion is enough. And you will have the ability to show these properties now that

you have gone through something similar yourself.

The following poem may give some encouragement to you. Even if we take our time for recovering, we will sooner or later be ready to explore what new possibilities life has in store for us. It is our choice when we want to do it.

Look for New Doors


You close a door

You miss the light of the place you came from

But when your eyes get used to the darkness
you see another door and a small stripe of light

The longer you stay there in the darkness
the more doors you will see

You can open them all
It is your choice where you go in

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I am a networker and writer. I also market on Internet. I like painting and crafts and communicating with people and as I want to help, I inform about health and talk about what I have learned in the Bible. My favorite site is jw.org

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