Let Us Walk On The Bridge Of Diamonds

Our imagination can be used in a positive way to improve our life.

Why think negative thoughts when we have so many beautiful memories stored in our mind.

We can go back and search the most wonderful things we have seen, listen to music that reminds of our childhood and youth and great friends we have had or still have. We have seen lots of places that are breathtaking and remember the feelings we had that time.

I will always feel happy when I remind myself of the special moments when I have been looking at the midninght sun

during summer solstice.

Summer nights near the Arctic Circle are very special. The colors change and become warm and glowing, you feel like you were in a different world. During these nights, you feel that you are really alive.

These summer nights, when I was wandering in this quite different landscape taking photos to remember it all, inspired me to the following poem.

Bridge of Diamonds


In the deepest

storehouse of my mind

I have some treasures

to be taken out

when the darkness

of the winter

becomes too depressing

I shut my eyes

and see the summer nights

when the sun

builds glittering bridge

like diamonds

on the water

The scent of flowers

fills the air

and birds are singing

all night through

Then in my dream I say:

Come my friend

Let us walk

on the bridge of diamonds

We cannot change the past

The only time we live

is now

take my hand

We know the way

walk with me

against the light

Article Written By buenavida

I am a networker and writer. I also market on Internet. I like painting and crafts and communicating with people and as I want to help, I inform about health and talk about what I have learned in the Bible. My favorite site is jw.org

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