How To Teach A Parrot To Behave!

Hmm... Let´s see how long does it take before you laugh?:D

The Sailor´s Parrot

Jim got a call from a lawyer. "Your relative, who was a sailor has died, and you will inherit him" "Oh", said Jim, "I barely knew him, he has been away most of my life.."

"Well he didn´t have much money, but he had a parrot, and now you are the legitimate owner! I can bring the bird to you tomorrow. It is a talking parrot - his language may be a bit uncivilized, after all, he has been with sailors for many years, but I think you can

teach him a more decent language."

"Well, I have always wanted a talking parrot, so it will be fun to have one!" Jim was excited. The lawyer brought the parrot and Jim started to teach him a civilized language. But it was not easy. The parrot continued with his awful language despite all attempts on Jim´s part.

Jim read good literature for him, played classical music and good radio programs - it

didn´t help. The parrot seemed to be incurable.

One day Jim got particularly frustrated and decided to cool him down a few minutes. He opened the freezer door and threw in the parrot. Then he shut the door.

After one minute he heard a humble voice from the freezer: "Jim, if you let me out, I promise I will never ever swear or use any uncivilized language any more!! Please open the door!"

Jim opened the freezer and out came a bit frozen parrot, shaking his feathers.

"Thank you sir" he said humbly and after a while, even more humbly, "If you don´t mind me asking, I would just like to know, what did that chicken do??"

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