How To Send Your Articles To Twitter

I often send my aticles to Twitter and sometimes to Facebook. Twitter gives a lot of views, and as I have not so many articles yet, I need more views.

Most times it seems I get about a hundred more views than I would get otherwise.

It is easy to tweet an article. Here comes some instructions that can help those who are new at tweeting.

If you want to send more than one article, you can open maybe 5 to 10 of them in tabs. I just click on Control and at the headline and it opens in a new tab, or

maybe right click and then and then on "Open in a new Tab".

Now you can open your articles one at a time by clicking the tabs. Let them load properly so that the Tweet button appears.

When you have opened an article, find the Tweet button, that at this time is under the headline.

Click there, and a Twitter box appears. You might need to log in to Twitter the first time.

Now you can add some comment if you wish. The headline is already there, but you might like to add something that catches

the attention of the viewer.

Then click on Tweet and your link to the article is posted.

Thanks to the updated technology in Expertscolumn, Tweeting is made very easy.

If you need more followers in Twitter, you can follow some people every time you are there, and they might follow you back.

Also being active in Twitter brings you followers, so check your email and see them come.

Sending to Facebook and the other social media is very easy too, and that may increase your views.

If you want to ask something, you are welcome to write questions in the comment. I'll try to answer them if I can..

Thanks for reading..

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