How To Make Free Phone Calls - Or Almost Free!!

Some of you might have been using it already, as it has been available in the USA and Canada for some time. Now it is open worldwide.

I learned about it not so long ago and funded the account I already had with Google.

I did a test and listened to a conference call for 98 minutes. The cost? 0.00 cents.. The call was between Sweden and Canada.

If you are not familiar with this new and cheap way of calling, you can start with opening a Gmail account, if you don´t have one.

Then scroll down and in your inbox on

the left side you will find a phone symbol. Click there.

You will get the instructions how to download the software.

When you are ready to fund your account to make it work, click the 0.00 US $ symbol and open a Gmail payment account. You will need to add a credit or debit card. The site has all instructions.

You will also need a microphone and speakers or headphones on you computer.

Then just use the square box that comes up when you click at the phone

symbol and dial the number to someone. You can even dial your own phone number and test if it works!!

One good thing is that you can call people who don´t have a computer by using your computer and calling their landline or mobile phone.

This service will be free from some countries in the beginning, so why not try it and contact your friends all over the world!

(December 2011 update - it now costs 1 cent a minute to call from Sweden to Canada - to call from Sweden to a landline in Sweden cost 2 cents a minute and to a mobile phone in Sweden, 10 cents.)

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