How Could A Blind Man Navigate With His Boat On The Sea? (part 3)

Have you read the other articles about this remarkable man?

Then you already know that he was real and lived over 99 years. In an interview one of the men who made the TV documentaries was asked ten years after the TV programs had been shown how Johan was that time.

He told that Johan was a bit older but was still, at age 98 working with his projects in his home and the cave he was building when the TV programs were recorded was almost ready and was like Johan had planned it to be.

But let's look at

his innovative side when he went fishing alone in his rowing boat.

How could a blind man navigate and row out on the sea and find his way back bome? When he had just come home from a 14 hour long rowing and fishing trip, he mentioned a buoy. It must be one of them he had arraged that gave sounds to help him orient.

He also had to count on the wind and what direction it was blowing - sometimes he got a bit lost so he had to try and find his way again, but he seemed familiar with the islets and he had a compass that told him where North was.

Sometimes he had to stop rowing and listen where the shore was, as he could hear the waves that washed against it.
Johan shows a map that his friends made for him and it tells the positions of the islets and rocks and where the reefs are. He just uses his hands to read it .

With a lot of training, he could row out to the sea about 5 - 6 kilometers from the

home shore. He used his hearing and compass and listened to the birds and sounds from working on the shores.

Also technical devices like sonar and radio frequency helped him.

When he found a good place to fish, he marked it with a buoy so he would not drift with the wind and come too far away and get lost. The buoys used to give a sound about every 10 to 15 minutes to save the batteries and of course - they were made by himself.

Johan was testing how to gather the fishes more efficiently, so he played music for them down in the deep.. He tried with symhony music but didn't know if it was working..!!:)

He gave away the fish, and as he put it, he was a grass eater..

He says what kept him not for feeling bad for being blind. He always tried to manage things - even small things like threading a sewing needle and mending his clothes - by himself. That gave him a feeling of independence.

I think we can all learn a lot from this man who saw the positive in life and lived it to the fullest as far as he was able to do so.

See the Finnish video here:

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