How Can I Stop Worrying?

How can we stop worries from eating us from inside? The following story started from an illustration I heard many decades ago.

Two friends meet, A and B - listen what they have to say about worrying:
A: My dear friend, you look completely exhausted! Looks like you are carrying a big heavy bag - must be very hard for your back..??

B: Yes, it is very heavy, I can hardly walk with this burden. I don´t know how to manage it any more!

A: But please show me what you have there. Let me help you lift it off your

back - Oh dear, it is so heavy!Could you open the bag so that we can have a look?

B: OK, it already feels better when you help me. I will show you what I have. Here is the heaviest item.

A: Oh, a big black thing like a stone! There is something written on it! - "40% - Things That Never Happen"! But dear friend, why are you carrying a weigh like this? You are worrying about things that never happen? Why on earth do you carry it with you all day?

B: Well, I just don´t know. Do you thing I could throw it away? It is a really heavy and makes me so exhausted.

A: Of course you can throw it away! Let me help you - there it goes! But you have something more in your bag. Another heavy thing. Let me see the text - "30% - Things That Have Already Happened" Let me ask you, does it help you to carry around things that have happened? Doesn´t this big weight keep you back from enjoying life and having fun? Couldn´t it hinder you to do what you really want?

B: You are right! Please help me to throw it away! There it went! What a difference! Big relief!

A: But you have still more in your bag! This stone is rather heavy too! It says "22% Knick-Knackery, Odds and Ends, Small Not so Important Things" - Well, do your think it is worth to carry all this with you? Many small worries can make a heavy weight together!

B: Well I guess they too stop me from enjoying life to the fullest. Why on earth was I carrying all this? Let´s throw it away together! There!

A: Your bag seems lighter now, but it looks like it isn´t empty yet. Let me take up this stone, it is a bit smaller than the rest!"8% Legitimate Worries" - Hmm, this requires some special action. Let me see - There is a special label on the stone - it says:Philippians 4:6,7 - I have a Bible with me, we can look it up -

It says: "Don't worry about anything, but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God. Then, because you belong to Christ Jesus, God will bless you with peace that no one can completely understand. And this peace will control the way you think and feel."

B: Oh, I have been so busy carrying around all this weight so I haven´t seen this label! But now I see it, the solution is there!!

A: Yes, and you can be sure I

will pray for you too. So can we throw away this 8% to God, and he will help you to solve the problems?

B: Yes, let´s do it! Thank you so much, I´ve got to go now..

A: But WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, there is still something in your bag! And it looks rather heavy too.

B: Ehhh... I would rather not show it, it´s kind of embarrassing...

A: But please, I am your friend... You don´t need to hide things from me. You can trust me!!

B: (SIGH) OK, have a look..

A: It is a stone again. It says "Resentment, Hard Feelings, Grudge, Malice" - But dear friend, isn´t it time to get rid of this weight once and for all. Why bear malice - it is so very heavy..

B: OK, I guess I have to do it or I´ll never get rid of that weight.. I will need a lot of help - Thanks, there it goes.

A: Woooww! Your bag is empty.. What shall we do now?

B: Why don´t we go and find some people who are carrying around a heavy bag and help them empty it?


Need help to solve your problems? I went to the following site and made a search with the word "worries" and got some interesting links.

You can do the same, or search with another word or phrase and find information that may help you: - - The Bible quote was from Contemporary English Version

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