His Incredible Voice Will Touch Your Heart

The following is a story of a Korean boy by name Choi Sung Bong who lived under very hard circumstances from early childhood and still reached his dream to become a singer.

He became homeless at age five, but he liked singing so much that he fulfilled his dream.

He was left to an orphanage at age three, but was beaten so much that he ran away when he was five and lived on the street selling things. He was homeless for ten years.

As very young, he saw someone singing in a nightclub and since then he wanted to sing too.

He has

been practicing a lot and managed to get some lessons but most times just kept on practicing by himself.

This young man had a dream, and he didn´t give up. He had no family to encourage him and he still kept on practicing.

He says that he is not a good singer, but when he

is singing, he becomes like another person, as he likes singing so much…

His passion for singing is a lot higher than the passion of some professional singers.

I think this is a wonderful example of a person who did not give up his dream in spite of very difficult circumstances.

Listen – and you might need a tissue to dry the tears.

Click or copy and paste this link: http://www.uvioo.com/video/?m=buenavida&so=yt&v=tZ46Ot4_lLo

If we have a dream, why not continue making progress, no matter how little a day, working towards the fulfilling of our dream.




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