Health Food That Grows In Your Refrigerator.

One of the vegetables we can get easily are the ones that grow in our own refrigerator. Even if we cannot get fresh vegetables from the store for some reason, we can have our own winter garden at home.

Green Lentils

Beans and lentils can be indigestible even if you cook them for a long time. But there is an easy way to make them much more digestible.

You need

A glass jar with a lid

1 cup of lentils

Clean water

Pour the lentils into the jar and pour on 3-4 cups of water

Let them bloat over night or a little longer

Strain and pour on more

water and strain again but don´t throw away the water.

Your flowers like it, so give it to them.

Then put the lid on but do not shut completely.

Put the jar into your refrigerator.

Watch the sprouts grow..

You can rinse now and then if you wish, but as they are stored in refrigerator, the sprouts will keep fresh a long time.

You can eat them after a few days just as they are or in salad or with your favorite food. Next day the sprouts are bigger and the growth continues until you have eaten them all.

If you want to cook them, you can do it - about 15 minutes may be enough - to make them even more digestible. They are really good in many

soups and other food. You can eat them with fish, meat and other vegetables. Some beans have to be cooked longer to become digestible.

Marjoram and basil are good spices and you can add your own favorites. I also use herb salts from A. Vogel - they may be available in your country too. Sea salt is better than the ordinary salt.

You can do the same procedure after some days and have another jar growing so that you always have fresh sprouts.

You will find information about the benefits if you make a search with the words “bean sprouts”.

You can sprout mung beans, sunflower seeds and many other seeds. Just do some research so that you know which ones are good for sprouting.

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