He Was Totally Blind But Could Still "see"..(part 2)

Johan Venninen (1909 - 2008) was a remarkable man. He became partially blind due to an accident during the Civil War in Finland when he was a child. Another accident - after the WorldWar 2 - happened while he was working with reconstruction after the war. That time he became completely blind.

When he was fishing and and afterwards cleaned the fish, and gave the seagulls their part of them, he could hear the birds, and he said that he "saw them" as he remembered them from before he became blind.

He was also able to "see" the positive sides in


Johan was not bitter for what he had gone through. He said that if he hadn't had visual impairment, he could have died in the war.

He used a big part of his life and energy for helping others. He worked as masseur and could do a lot to some of his clients who were almost immobile.

Another project was his different constructions. He built his own house and other buildings on his yard - they look well built and one can not see that the constructor was blind.

The loft in his house shows that he thought of others and had an artistic talent. There is a kind of fence on the sides of the loft that is made of rattan, really beautiful. On the loft he had lots

of tapes he could listen to - most about masseur work and other information tapes.

The garden on a rock beside the house was impressive. He had plenty of room in the yard, but the moles had destroyed his plants and eaten the potatoes, so he decided to plant on the rock. To get up all the soil and other things he needed up there, he constructed a lifting device and it worked really well.

He had mostly flowers in the garden and he planted them for others to see and admire. His nephew told us that he wanted to know what colours the flowers had and he planned them so that those who would come after him would have something beautiful to look at.

There is a lot more to tell about this man. More articles coming..




http://expertscolumn.com/content/how-could-blind-man-navigate-his-boat-sea-part-3 This video is in Finnish, but you can see Johan working with many things that show his talents. http://yle.fi/elavaarkisto/artikkelit/johan_on_venninen_20788.html#media=20802

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