Have A Good Laugh And Test The Speed Of Your Brain!

We often test the speed of Internet connections, but how often do we get a chance to test the speed of our thinking? Or test how long it takes to understand the fun in a joke..

Here you can test your speed of thinking - it will still remain a mystery for us what happens in our brain while we figure out what the fun in a joke is.

We all have a sense of humor, at least I want to think so. It may be a bit different, but once in a while we find someone with the same sense of

humor as we have. That is like finding a goldmine, or even something better.

Now check your clock before you read the following and see how long time it took before you started laughing. -

At least I hope you laugh, as I hope you have the same sense of humor as I have. Did I sound egocentric? Well, if you have a different kind of humor,

it is OK for me..!!

If you have heard this before, you can have some fun by testing your friends!

Let´s start:

Question: What does a dyslexic agnostic with insomnia do?



think again

Answer: Stays up all night trying to figure out if there is a dog.

Some people laugh twice. First time, when they hear the joke. Second time, when they understand it..haha

Have some fun and find people with the same interests as you and some with a great sense of humor..   http://www.mylot.com?/?ref=buenavida

Here is more fun: http://expertscolumn.com/content/dentures-have-laugh-don-t-drop-your-dentures

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