This Giant Baby Drinks 500 Liters Of Milk A Day

Would You Like to Meet The Biggest Milk Lover on the Earth - or should we say in the Ocean?

Do you like milk? No matter how much you drink, you can never compete with the Blue Whale baby! It drinks up to 500 liters a day! About 130 gallon!

When this baby is born, its weight is about 3000 kilos or around 6600 pounds and all the milk drinking gives results, as the baby whale grows about 100 kilos (220 pounds) every day!

As grown up, the blue whale is over 30 meters long (about 100 feet). The

tongue is as big as an elephant and the heart is as heavy as a car!

Blue whales like to live in the cold waters in Arctic and Antarctic oceans and they eat

a sort of shrimps, called krill. One mouthful of krill could fill a whole swimming pool..

Well, not quite like something you would like to have as a pet, I guess..??

This is only one of the wonderful things that our Creator has made. His enormous power will soon bring harmony to the whole earth. And He can also take care of the smallest ones in His creation!

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