Gheorghe Zamfir, Master Of The Pan Flute

Most of us like music, I have seen small children, who can barely walk, start dancing when they hear music.

It must be built in our genes. As long as man has existed, they have been able to hear music in the nature, the wind, the leaves, a streaming water and of course the birds and insects and other animals have some kind of sound and in most cases we experience it as something beautiful.

In the first book in the Bibe, Genesis, we can read about instruments made by man.

In our days we have many skilled musicians. I will

tell you a little about one of them and about his instrument.

I am sure you have heard him play - his name is Gheorghe Zamfir. He has reached the deepest feelings of our heart with his music. Give yourself a gift and listen and feel the uplifting, soothing tones!

He plays with an instrument that is used - in different variations - all over the world. Architects have found images with persons playing pan flute like instruments from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and other places.

Zamfir plays on an extended version of the traditional Romanian pan flute with up to 30 pipes.

In the 80s he was playing in the orchestra of James Last - most of us have heard him playing "The Lonely Shepherd" by Last himself.

Here is a link to "Sound of Silence" and you will find a lot more there - enjoy!

What a wonderful gift our Creator has given us - we can enjoy beautiful music!

Which one is your favorite?

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