Is Food Separation The Best Way To Lose Weight?

I have tried this for a while, but need to learn to do it at least 90%

The method is Food Separation. What is it?

Actually - this method may not only help to lose weight, but also improve our health and boost our energy.

As most diets fail to work in the long run, but the kilos and pounds tend to come back faster than we think, we have to search for a more efficient method for keeping the overweight off.

I think this method makes sense. Proteins need an acidic digesting environment. Carbs need an alcalic base. If you eat proteins

and carbs together, the digestive fluids neutralize each other and the food is only partly digested if at all.

There are two important rules:

Eat Carbs only with other carbs, not with proteins and fats.

Eat no carbs, except greens and non starchy veggies, with proteins and fats.

I would add another important thing. Eat fresh fruit on empty stomach. If you do, it passes further very fast. - Then you can eat other food when you feel hungry again.

It can be a bit difficult to get customized to this kind

of diet. I have been trying for a while and some meals are very easy.

I start the day with drinking water. We need to flush our body.

Next meal is fresh fruits of different kinds.

Protein and veggies is easy to get accustomed with.

A porridge of oat flakes and buckwheat flakes cooked with raisins and other dried fruit tastes great. Cooked fruit is OK with other food and as dessert.

But one favorite, bread and butter and cheese is not good together. But...

It tastes great with coffee, but I should find something better.

Do you have any ideas?

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