Dentures - Have A Laugh But Do Not Drop Your Dentures!

There are many jokes about dentures. A friend of mine said  something fun, when talking about the hope we find in the Bible that everyone who lives in the future paradise will be completely healthy. This will include having all teeth restored again.

A humorist as he was, he said: It will be a very big rattle when all false teeth fall!


Here are a couple of denture jokes

A: How are you?

B: Pretty well, thanks - but I have a problem.

A: Well, can I help you in any way?

B: Yes, perhaps you could -

I was going to buy some things in the store, but found that I have not enough money. I wonder if you could borrow me a little..

A: I am sorry, but I have not a single cent at the moment.

B: Really? But I can hear something tinkling and rattling in your pocket. What is it?

A: Oh, that - it is just my wife´s false teeth. She´s on a diet and I thought I could help her so that she won´t be tempted to eat anything while I am away!

Joke 2

One guy told me

the other day that he had a problem with parties and bigger festivals.

Why? I asked. Are you too shy?

Not at all, he said. But me and my wife cannot go together..

Well, I asked. Is she shy then?

No. - But we are using the same false teeth!

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