Could This Help Prevent Mental Disorders?

What disorders? The most common seem to be






Bipolar disorder

In some cases Epilepsy

Other disorders

I found most interesting articles by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has a medical practice in the UK.
She helps adults and children with the above disorders and much more.

Her program for Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and Gut and Physiology Syndrome (GAPS) can help most people.

Disorders like autism were rare a few decades ago and Dr Campbell had not met any patient with autism until her own son was diagnosed with this disorder. Nowadays one child in 66 is diagnosed with autism.

Dr Campbell did a

lot of research to help her son and got a second postgraduate degree in human nutrition. She could now treat her own son the ways she had learned. As a result, her son recovered completely.

Dr Campbell has found out that most of our health problems are caused by poor gut flora, which means that the harmful bacteria have won the fight and are causing a flow of toxing through the body and further into the brain.

As far as we know, the unborn baby is sterile. At birth it gets the bacteria that are in the birth canal of its mother. So what the mother has in her birth canal, becomes the gut bacteria of the baby.

Also the father's groin flora is shared on a regular basis with the mother. This

flora comes from the father's gut flora.

Dr Campbell usually collects health history from both parents and if possible from the grand parents.

This epidemic of gut flora problem became more and more common in the 50s and 60s when almost every cold was treated with antibiotic. Every "cure" with antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria and leave the bad ones in the gut to send out toxins.

What can we do to restore the good bacteria?

We need probiotics and we need right kind of food to feed the good bacteria. We also need fermented food that can restore the right flora in the gut.

Please find more information in the following articles, as it can literally save your health and maybe even your life.

More benefits from Lactic Acid Bacteria:


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