Children Can Sometimes Be Smarter Than Adults

Somtimes children surprise us with their logical thinking - read and enjoy!

There was a little boy living in a country where most people have a religion that teaches there is a place where souls are tormented eternally.

This boy had, however been taught from the Bible, that there was no such place - that the only punishment is death if we disobey God´s will deliberately and refuse to change. He also knew that the soul is the person itself, as it is says in Genesis chapter 2, that the first man became a living soul .

For him

this made sense, God formed the man of dust from the ground and blew the breath of life into his nostrils and thus the man came to be a living soul.

He was eager to tell others about this, as many need to know the truth, but how would he do it to make them think and understand? He must have figured out how to do it, as the following shows.

One day he was in a public bath place with several people around and also a priest was among them. So they talked a bit and then the boy asked the priest a question:

Boy: Does a

soul have clothes?

Priest: No, it doesn´t.

Boy: But if the soul goes to heaven and travels through the universe, isn´t it cold then?

Priest: No, the soul doesn´t feel any cold.

Boy: But how then would the soul feel any heat in hell?

At this question the others who had been listening, applauded.

Yes, sometimes we need to hear the thoughts of a child to understand how inconsistent some religious teachings are.

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