The Cat Was A Watch Dog!

It looks like a cat can behave like a watch dog. This cat was very special! It was watching the construction of a place of worship.

This is a true story and it happened in Western Finland.

An old lady lived with her cat in a small house. One day some volunteer workers started to build a place for worship next to her house. She watched the builders, and learned to know them and obviously her cat was watching what was going on too.

One day the cat saw that something was wrong and caught the lady´s attention. She looked and saw

some people who were taking building material from the place, but she saw that these persons did not belong to the workers. One of them was smoking and she knew that the volunteer workers did not smoke.

So she went outside and told them to stop taking away the material. They tried to fool her by saying that they belonged the people who were building the place, but she made clear that they could not belong to them. So they really left without stealing anything.

One night the cat woke the lady up and showed there was something wrong outside. She looked out and yes, there was a man stealing a construction board. This time she didn´t go out, but she recognized the man, and when the workers came in the morning, she told them who had stolen the board the previous night.

The workers went straight away to the man´s house and rang the bell. Who is it? he asked. The workers told who they were and that they had come to take away the board he had stolen. He had the choice to open the door or they would call the police. The man opened and after talking with the men, he agreed to pay for the board that he had already sawn and used to his own purpose.

When the time came for the

dedication of the building, there was a lot of people there and also the cat wanted to go in, but as animals are not allowed in this place, he was not let into the building.

But when the audience were shown some pictures about the phases of the building, they saw the cat sitting on the empty building plot in the first picture. So in a way the cat was there!!

I don´t know what the cat´s name was, but it got a nickname "Kingdom Cat" because the building it was watching was called a Kingdom Hall.

The old lady bequeathed her land and house to the congregation of Jehovah´s witnesses, who have their meetings in this Kingdom Hall, so she must have appreciated the volunteer workers she had learned to know during the construction.

Can God use animals for His purpose? Yes, the bible tells us about many such cases.

I don´t know if He used this "Kingdom Cat", but the cat did a good job as a watch dog!

Thanks for taking the time to read this story. I have many more things to tell, so why not join us in and take part in our discussions that interest you and also share your knowledge with us?

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