Vegetables That Prevent Cancer (part One)

They have been called super veggies. Scientists who are experts on nutrition recommend that we eat at least one serving a day.

Why should we eat them? I have had the opportunity to listen to some top nutrition researchers who work with Stanford University and some of them have visited even the Northern Europe and had information meetings.  For many years they have been doing research to find ways to prevent cancer and other health problems.

Some common cancer forms in America and Europe are the hormone related cancers. They are

Breast cancer,

Prostate cancer

Cancer in the ovaries.

Is there any way to prevent these

kind of cancers? Yes, absolutely. And it is easy too, as many of us enjoy eating the vegetables that are available in the stores almost everywhere. We can even grow them in our garden.

There are some who don't like the taste of them, and they may choose a food supplement that is made of these vegetables.

Some of us may know that in Japan, the women have almost no menopause problems. They are eating these supever veggies regularly.

So what are they?

They are called Cruciferous vegetables.

Some of them are Broccoli, Radish, Mustard, Garden Cress, Water Cress, Cauliflower, Kale, Cabbage, Brussels sprouts and many more.

You can do

a search and you will find lots of sites about Cruciferous vegetables. Here is one site I found:

Why not eat these super veggies every day and do what you can to prevent some very common cancer forms?

More benefits from Cruciferous Vegetables

If you have found this kind of food beneficial for you, please give a comment.

To make this even more efficiet, we should keep our digestion system working well with good bacteria, and good oils and fats.

Here is an article about the Good Bacteria - Lactic Acid Bacteria

The same nutrition scientists recommend us to eat cold pressed oils so that our cell membranes can let in the nutrition and let out the waste. A healthy cell does just that and healthy cells make a healthy body.

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