The Blue Hour, A Painting In Words

Let us imagine the beautiful colors of the winter afternoon in a landscape with snow. Everything turns blue, a bright blue color like sapphire.

Every place on the earth has its own beauty. I have seen beautiful sunsets in southern Spain and wonderful summer landscapes in the country.

The mighty ocean makes us feel very small and if we find a white sandy beach, we can enjoy bathing in the salt water during warm summer days.

The spring in North is very special. I live near a river and have often seen the mighty view when the ice i on its way down

the river and we know the summer is near.

The autumn is a colorful work of art when the trees have so many shades of red and yellow and even the ground is full of colors. Late in the autumn we can hear the swans when they sing their last farwell song before heading southward.

The following is a work of art described in words. It can be made to a painting, but we can all paint our own picture in our mind of a great winter landscape.

If you have ever been near the Arctic Circle, you have probably been amazed by the beauty there. This is what I have seen during many years. Winter has its own colors, and

in the afternoon, when the sun has gone down, everything turns blue.

The Blue Hour, a Painting in Words

Winter afternoon
Slowly, slowly gathering twilight

The sky, the snow
are blue like sapphire

The moon is shining through
the thinnest, softest veil of clouds

The moonbeams build a shimmering bridge
on icey river

Dark blue background hills
complete the work of art

I feel so grateful
for this overwhelming beauty

And I thank the Artist,
Our Great Creator

Who gave a sense of beauty
to his earthly children

To give delight
to human eyes forever

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