The Best Medicine, And It Is Free. Did You Have Your Medication Today?

Free medicantion? There is one with so many benefits for your body that you may save a lot of money by Not buying expensive medicines.

It is Laughter.

It can be taken as many times a day as you wish. The more you laugh, the better you will feel.

It boosts your immune system,

protects your nervous system,

reduces stress,

oxygenates your body,

As oxygen is one of the most efficient healing "medications" and absolutely necessary for life, you might want to have it in big doses as often as you can!

style="color:#00f;">Laughter is a great excercise. It helps your blood circulation and it also helps you body to get rid of waist procucts from your organs.

A good laughter is like having a good workout, you will feel the effect in your abdomen and face muscles..

Laughter can generate healing biochemicals that affect our brain and immune system.

So many diseases we suffer from are caused by chronic stress and laughter can reduce it in a wonderful way.

When you wake up in the morning, do some stretching and then stretch your smiling muscles by saying "EEE"!

When you are up from bed, go and look in the mirror and say YEEEHH!

Now hou have started the smiling muscles and they in turn have started the healing inside you. Can you feel it?

Then try to find people you can have fun with. Maybe you have to train a bit before you can see the fun sides of life, but remember, it can save you from lots of health problems..

I love to tell jokes and make people laugh, and that is the best gift I can give to anyone, something that money can´t buy.

Look at animals that make you laugh. It is easy to make a search online with the word "kittens" or "puppies"  and you will find lots of movies that are really fun.

Our Creator has a great sense of humor and He has given us some of it so that we can enjoy all the playful animals around us.

Kids love to have fun and it is easy to make them laugh. A five year old friend I have, always likes to look at online movies with animals playing.

I am sure you can find many, many reasons to laugh and enhance your health! Have fun!

Laughter is one of the tremendously  beneficial gifts from our Creator, who is the God of joy, so let us laugh and smile many times every day!

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