Is This Animal A Nightmare Of The Evolutionists?

Yes, it has been called a nightmare of the evolutionists, and no wonder. Many who believe in evolution are probably still scratching their head and wondering how this animal could have evolved.

Those who believe in a Creator have no problem, as they may see the sense of humor God has. And they also see His endless power and wisdom when creating such an animal.

I am talking about Platypus, a very unique mammal that lives in Australia.

It looks like a mixture of a duck, beaver and an otter. The mail has also sharp, poisonous stingers that they can use to defend

themselves against enemies.

The female is very unique too, as it lays eggs. It is one of two mammals known that can lay eggs. And their baby, as it hatches, is very small, like a lima bean. They are helpless and need to be taken good care of by their mother.

Their mother nurses her baby, or maybe two babies during 3 - 4 months until they can swim of their own.

Yes this animal swims and can be under water while it

is searching for food. Its ears and eyes and nostrils prevent water to come in and it uses the bill to scoop up worms and insects from the bottom.

This mammal is rather small, about 2 lbs or 1,4 kilos.

For us who believe that a Creator has designed it, admire His unlimited wisdom as this is only one of many, many animals we can enjoy studying the worldwide miracles in the creation.

I did a search and found a lot of information about this wonderful animal. So why not do the same - make a search with the word "platypus" and enjoy reading about it and seeing what it looks like!

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