To All My Friends

I wrote this poem for you. Whether you believe in the following or not, you may enjoy the thoughts and maybe want to learn more about the proof that this is what will happen.

We all long for a better world and I have read about a wonderful future in an amazing book, the Holy Bible. Many of the prophecies in this book have already been fulfilled, so I don´t doubt the ones I describe in this poem, will also be fufilled.


In the future,
when the earth is cleansed
from all the wars and evil
of our days
The lions and

the lambs
are friends
And human beings
live in peace

I want to sit with you
under a lemon tree
in gentle evening breezes
Feeling how my body
becomes younger every day
knowing you experience
the same

Planning where we´ll travel
next month or year
Or maybe in a hundred or
a thousand years
Seeing all the wonders
of the earth and
meeting animals that
were too dangerous to touch
when world had not yet changed

I can see us sitting there
planning what to do
when our

loved ones will wake up
from death
And we can tell them
how the evil forces now are gone
and only good things happen
in the future.

The world is full of peace
and every morning
the air is filled with song of birds
and happiness is in our hearts

I want to walk with you
up in the mountains and
in fields with flowers
talking about Him who
gives us every gift
and fills our hearts with
overwhelming joy

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